Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ukraine I.

This is coolbert:

Geo-strategic machinations?

From Legal Insurrection that conflict in Ukraine previously thought "settled" now in less than twenty-four hours the "applecart" big -time, and the ramifications potentially very frightening.

"LIVE – Revolution in #Ukraine"

 "Kiev is in the hands of the opposition, and government security forces have vowed to stay neutral, reports Reuters"

"Ukraine security chiefs signal allegiance to protesters"

"The heads of four Ukrainian security bodies, including the police’s Berkut anti-riot units, appeared in parliament on Saturday and declared they would not take part in any conflict with the people."

"They represented the paratroop unit of the military, the Berkut anti-riot police, Alfa special operations unit and military intelligence. The Interior Ministry had already signalled its allegiance to anti-government protests under a new minister from the ranks of the opposition."

Hard core head-knocker units defecting to the opposition or declaring their neutrality is not a good sign for the ruling elite.

And as you well might imagine, this particular item catches my attention right away.

"Fears that Russian-speaking parts of Ukraine may secede"

A portion of the Ukraine having an area the population of which is predominantly Russian speakers?

That area if secession is announced, obviously will call on the Kremlin for assistance and protection.

Military intervention by the Russian military and special units a possible?

Force will be met with force?

This does not bode well for anyone. Stay tuned.


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