Friday, February 21, 2014


This is coolbert:

As originally posted at Sharkhunters members Hotmail. Copied and as a blog entry more or less in entirety.

From a learned member of Sharkhunters a request for information most vital to research.


"My Masters Thesis was a cross national study of WW II intelligence operations. One of the surprising pieces of information that emerged from the interviews of WW II era intelligence professionals was the existence of a classified Naval Intelligence study of archaeological evidence of prior civilizations on the North American Continent. The classified study was produced in the late 1940s after WW II. I learned of it in 1978 and have been searching for it since then."

            "According to law, the study should have been declassified after 30 years. The National Archives does not have the declassified study or any information about it. I am concerned that, like a number of other important events from that time period, it will fall through the cracks and become lost to history. I have found intelligence community members who remember reading it during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, but no one I have found could remember the exact title after all these years."

Does anyone a devoted reader and follower of the blog either possess or have knowledge of:

           "any information, such as the exact title, authors, or any other information sufficient to request declassification of a specific document or documents relating to this or other classified Naval Intelligence archaeology reports."
"The existence of this classified study raises the issue of classified archaeological reports being produced by other nations. If anyone can provide information about this possibility, I would very much appreciate it."

Can anyone also venture a guess or render an opinion as to WHY American naval intelligence during the Second World War [WW2] would plausibly be interested in ancient civilizations of North America?

We can file this particular item in the strange but true, paranormal category? Prior civilizations as I understand that term can be reasonably be inferred to mean civilizations existing on the North American continent PRIOR to the arrival of Columbus?

Well, that is what we are trying to determine. Contact Bert or Sharkhunters if you know something.


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