Friday, February 14, 2014

Australia II.

This is coolbert:


From the Australian ABC news:

Unprecedented! Deliberate! Provocative!

"RAAF monitored Chinese military exercise in waters between Christmas Island and Indonesia"

"The RAAF [Royal Australian Air Force] monitored an unprecedented and unannounced exercise involving three Chinese warships in international waters to the north of Australia, it has emerged."

"The unusual naval exercise late last week is considered to have been a deliberate and provocative move by the Chinese that will send a clear message to the region."

"For the first time, the Chinese navy sent warships sailing through the Sunda Strait between the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra."

"The ships travelled along the southern edge of Java, close to Christmas Island, and then through the Lombok Strait between Lombok and Bali."

One route used for entrance to the Indian Ocean environs, another used for egress. Christmas Island now and for some time a territory under the dominion of Australia.

See from this regarding the Chinese "String of Pearls" strategy.

The Chinese never having the reputation as pelagic [deep water] sailors? Mostly coastal huggers never venturing far from shore.

At least until now.


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