Monday, February 10, 2014

Invisible II.

This is coolbert:


Invisible Skyscraper!

Also as seen in the most latest edition of Popular Mechanics:

"Pasadena based firm GDS Architects' new building in Incheon, South Korea ROK is guaranteed not be an eyesore . . . [the] Tower Infinity , at 1476 foot [450 meters] tall INVISIBLE [my emphasis] skyscraper . . . will be built near the Incheon International Airport . . . 'our [GDS] solution aims to provide the world's first invisible tower to showcase South Korean innovation.'"

And works by:

1. "A series of 18 HD cameras are placed at three levels along the tower's height."
2. "The six cameras at each level take five feeds of the surrounding views, and then the images are digitally processed, scaled, rotated, and merged to form one panoramic view."
3. "Rows of LED screen opposite each camera then project the view onto the glass facade blending the tower completely into the skyline."

A skyscraper, more of  tower with observation platform, that can "showcase South Korean innovation".

Also we can reasonably surmise there is a hidden agenda here for rendering this tower "invisible"?

That skyscraper to be made "invisible" [read again more correctly to mean MUCH HARDER TO SEE] as a means of defeating North Korean [NKPA] artillery forward observation positions and spotters?

That tower will have a line-of-site of approximately 50 miles [80 kilometers]. The tower visible from a long way off and near critical areas of Seoul. A known location from which NKPA artillery multiple-rocket launcher rounds and can be spotted, aimed and corrections made?

Am I being excessively paranoid here?



Dan Kurt said...

re: "the world's first invisible tower" coolbert

Read this book by Dean Ing's The Ransom of Black Stealth One, 1990, ISBN-10: 0812508572.

Ing an Engineer tells you how it is done with a plane by stealth and surface active camouflage. Amazon has used copies @ 1 cent + shipping.

Dan Kurt

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you are paranoid or not but it does not seem like a good idea to build an invisible sky scraper close to an airport.

Hope they have got this one worked out.