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War by insect!

From one of the latest posts of the Jungle Trader we have this item:

"Nazi Germany"

"University of Tübingen (Germany)":

"Why did the armed wing of the Nazi party need to study insects?"

"Tübingen University’s Dr. Klaus Reinhardt asked that question while studying documents from the Waffen-SS Entomological Institute, an annex of Dachau concentration camp."

"It made no sense — during WWII [WW2], Germany already had several respected entomological research centers; nor did the SS institute study insects which presented a potential threat to Germany’s all-important food supplies."

"After combing the archives, and building upon postwar studies, Dr Reinhardt came to the conclusion that, although the institute was intended to combat insect-borne diseases such as typhoid, it also carried out research into whether mosquitoes — which host malaria — could be used in biological warfare."

During the Sicilian campaign, the allied forces did suffer from numbers of troops laid low by malaria. That disease endemic to the island of Sicily and Italy both. MOSTLY ERADICATED BY THE EFFORTS OF THE FASCIST ITALIAN GOVERNMENT PRIOR TO WW2. Intentional or otherwise, malaria was a problem in certain sectors of the ETO [European Theater of Operations], allied efforts at insect control only normally possible after combat operations had ceased.

Anzio too, that area in the vicinity of the allied landings considered to be "bad land" since the time of the ancient Romans, malarial, legions either bypassing or crossing with all due speed! German combat engineers flooding large areas in an attempt to create conditions favorable for biting mosquitoes possibly carrying malaria, vectors infecting the allied troops in the process. Such was the hope of the German commanders.

It being reputed that about half of the human beings that have ever lived [about 100 billion] either having died directly from malaria or indirectly from the complications thereof!



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