Sunday, February 9, 2014

Barrel Bomb.

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The barrel bomb!

As heard on National Public Radio that Syrian air force of the dictator Assad now using and evidently using for some time a field expedient explosive. Referred to as a barrel bomb!

 "Kerry: Fresh barrel bomb attack shows Syrian regime's 'true colors'"
"(CNN) -- At least 15 boys were killed when Syrian forces dropped a barrel bomb on a mosque operating as a makeshift school in Aleppo, the opposition Syrian Coalition said Wednesday.
Barrel bombs are drums packed with explosives and shrapnel, which are then dropped from the sky."

"A barrel bomb is a type of improvised explosive device used by the Syrian Air Force during the Syrian civil war. They are typically made from a barrel that has been filled with High Explosives, with possibly shrapnel and/or oil, and then dropped from a helicopter."

"Barrel bombs have advantages and disadvantages as a weapon. They are cheaper and easier to produce than conventional weapons. The explosive material can be as simple as fertilizer (ammonium nitrate/fuel oil). The barrel can be any metal container of any size, such as an old water heater."

These seem to be an ANFO type of bomb. Ammonia nitrate fuel oil. A barrel crammed full of metal fragments and ANFO explosive fused and merely dumped out of a transport helicopter over a target.

The Mi-8 [HIP] is the Soviet era transport chopper preferred as the delivery system for this diabolical weapon?

That Mi-24 [HIND] does have a capability to carry and drop CONVENTIONAL BOMBS in a conventional manner, but using a HIND to drop ordnance such as a barrel bomb is a waste of resources?

And from the Brown Moses Blog read the full and complete story of the barrel bomb. Thank you Brown Moses.

"Syria's Barrel Bomb Technology Relative To Aleppo Syria Attacks - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly"

Understand that when originally developed ANFO explosive was considered to be a significant technological breakthrough. Allowed the novice and untrained person to use explosives with a minimum of danger but with continued effectiveness.

ANFO here the used "Bad And Ugly"!


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