Monday, January 20, 2014


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Yet once more thanks to Mr. Robert Farley and the web site The National Interest we have a listing with a military dimension to it:

"The Five Worst Fighter Aircraft of All Time"

Such listings of "best" and "worst" agreed as subjective and highly dependent on a host of criteria.

As noted by Mr. Farley: "As with the previous list, the critical work is in determining the criteria. Fighters are national strategic assets, and must be evaluated as such"

And again my comment without wanting to give too much away:

* The Brewster Buffalo when flown by Finnish aviators during the Continuation War gave an adequate performance. Planes modified by the Finns and used in a manner maximizing strength and minimizing weakness, fighting basically an aerial DEFENSIVE war, the Buffalo both able and willing!

* The MiG-23 more of a fighter-bomber to be used in the tactical air support mode of operation and NOT an air superiority or air supremacy fighter as that term understood.

* That Lavochkin LaGG-3 "inferior" but subsequent Lavochkin fighter planes of the same era rated as very good by the renowned German ace Johannes Steinhoff.

* Those "Century Series" of American warplanes again not necessarily fighter planes with the intended role of air superiority or air supremacy. Interceptors or more correctly fighter-bombers the mission of which would be to drop an atomic weapon on a tactical target.

Devoted readers to the blog once more peruse the Farley article at your leisure.


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Steiner said...

At Adam Lowther takes Farley apart in "The U.S. Air Force for Dummies", January 20, 2014. Recommended.