Saturday, January 25, 2014

400 Grammes.

This is coolbert:

Here from the wiki entry the full dope regarding the ban and prohibition of military small arms ammunition that is EXPLOSIVE.

"Saint Petersburg Declaration of 1868 or in full Declaration Renouncing the Use, in Time of War, of Explosive Projectiles Under 400 Grammes Weight is an international treaty agreed in Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire, November 29 / December 11, 1868."

"In 1863, the Russian Army had perfected a fulminating musketball that could explode when it hit a hard target and was designed to blow up powder magazines or ammunition wagons. In 1867, they perfected an improved explosive musketball that would detonate on any impact after being fired, even soft targets like people or animals. Predicting the disastrous effect of such a discovery on diplomatic relations with their neighbors, Russia decided to negotiate a ban on the development, creation, and use of such weapons before a grisly arms race commenced."

. . . .

Projectiles as fired from the weapon as normally carried by the common soldier.

"The Great Powers agreed to renounce, in case of war among themselves, the use of any explosive projectile of less weight than 400 grams (14 ounces avoirdupois) or one charged with fulminating or inflammable substances."

"While the declaration bans the use of fragmenting, explosive, or incendiary small arms ammunition, it does not prohibit such ammunition for use in autocannon or artillery."

The Convention is still valid and all the "Great Powers" of the present time need to be in full compliance or ELSE!

NOTE that a fifty [.50] caliber exploding round [12.7 mm] as fired from a modern long range sniper rifle would not be illegal under the Convention. That round as fired normally weighing in excess of 400 grams!!

P.S: I am incorrect and only realize so after the fact. That fifty [.50] caliber  [12.7 mm] explosive round as fired from a modern sniper rifle would weigh about 550 GRAINS. That is about 35 GRAMS and therefore illegal! A JAG officer that is a devoted reader to the blog can clarify. OR if that explosive round is only in an anti-material role it becomes LEGAL?


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