Sunday, January 12, 2014


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Ariel Sharon has passed away.

"The Bulldozer". Sharon first and foremost military man not allowing obstacles to stand in the path of accomplishing the mission.

And in that sense a man often deemed and described as "controversial".

Also the FIGHTING JEW! A combat commander without [?] peer, a master and practitioner of maneuver warfare.

Also a military man considered on a number of occasions to be insubordinate and disobedient, almost to a fault, and yet TOLERATED!

From the book "The Red Wheel" by Alexander Solzhenitsyn as ascribed to that German general officer Von Francois:

"No natural gift brings nothing but joy. There is always some grief to go with it. But no one suffers more for his talent than a gifted [military] officer. The army serves a brilliant man enthusiastically - - once he has grasped his field marshal's baton. Before that, while he is only reaching for the baton, the army raps his fingers repeatedly. Discipline, on which the army is founded, is always hostile to a man of talent, and all that is pulsating in him and straining to break through must be contained, forced to conform and to submit. All those who are for the time being his superiors find such a self-will subordinate intolerable. As a result, he is promoted more slowly than the mediocrities."

The same can be said of Ariel Sharon? "Brilliant" "almost to a fault", "straining"?

From the much earlier Military Thoughts blog entries regarding General Sharon, his conflicts and disagreements with peers and those senior to him during the Yom Kippur/Ramadan War of 1973 see:


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