Thursday, January 9, 2014


This is coolbert:

Those deadly Syrian chemical munitions as we speak being loaded onto merchant vessels. En route to a rendezvous at sea with the American Cape Ray.

Destruction [neutralization more appropriate?] of the deadly chemicals that industrial process rendering the poisons inactive and non-lethal.

That combined flotilla of American/Chinese/Russian/Scandinavian vessels doing yeoman work of the most difficult and hazardous variety.

And now too Germany enters the fray.

Chemicals in the aftermath of the process to a degree still toxic to an extent, the residue to be subjected to further processing, inert "by-products" what they are called the result,.

"Also Thursday, Germany said it would help destroy Syria’s stockpile of chemicals used as the raw materials for poison gas and nerve agents. The government said German experts at a site in Munster will get rid of the byproducts created when the chemicals are destroyed — which is currently slated to be done aboard a U.S. ship at sea."

"The OPCW said in a statement that Germany will incinerate 370 metric tons of waste generated when Syria’s mustard gas is destroyed on the U.S. vessel the Cape Ray."

"The first batch of Syria’s toxic chemicals was loaded onto a Danish cargo ship in the Syrian port of Latakia and shipped Tuesday toward international waters."

This is a worthwhile and unprecedented effort of the international community of an extraordinary nature. HOW OFTEN DOES SOMETHING LIKE THAT EVER HAPPEN?

Mustard agent at this point being destroyed. Nerve agents a much more difficult and laborious task. Nonetheless, high marks for all concerned.


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