Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Shock & Awe?

This is coolbert:

Within the context of cyber-warfare this article is worth reading but not so totally inclusive.

 "Cyberwar: What People Keep Missing About The Threat" 

“'Cyber' is the buzzword of the decade in the defense world, so overhyped and overused it has lost almost all meaning. Intelligent discussion of cyber threats is a rare gem indeed. But even experts who shed real light on the dark corners of cyberspace consistently miss a crucial dimension of both the threats and the opportunities it holds for the US military."

This image shows an actual Chinese "hacker" army unit at work? NOTE there are no keyboards. This maybe merely Chinese military students learning how to USE a computer? Or this is a carefully posed photograph the intent of which is to shock and awe?

This particular article does contain an "intelligent discussion" of cyber-warfare and cyber-security?

Deals with the threat and the potential from strictly the military stand-point.

Does not discuss the civilian aspect of cyber-attack for instance.

A power plant disabled by cyber-warfare and not able to transmit power to consumers, or rendering the power grid ineffective is the SAME as a conventional military attack with conventional weaponry, explosives, bombs, etc.

Attack and defense two-sides of the same coin with regard to cyber-warfare. When an attack is found to be effective, you look at your own systems to find if they are vulnerable to the same methodology and develop techniques to prevent similar disruption.



Chekhov said...

No keyboards? What do you make of this http://prntscr.com/2hfa5w ?
Those are sold world wide and is to my belief pretty cheap but do the job.... As keyboards they totally torn down your propose of propaganda.

Beyond Anon said...

Ummm, look harder, Luke!

The keyboards are below the main table. You can see the second guy on the left's had on a keyboard.