Wednesday, January 15, 2014


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From a comment to the blog:

Steiner said... 
"Do you think Ike and Roosevelt wanted the war shortened by action from the Western front? After Operation Cobra the outcome was not in doubt, but the Soviets had yet to occupy all of Germany east of the Oder/Neisse. This would have caused problems with Yalta, and I find it difficult to believe that senior leadership of the Western allies did not realize this, so there was no real hurry."

It has been suggested by certain persons that the military striking power of the western allies, ground and air forces both, was deliberately held back and retarded.

Done so in an almost malicious fashion, for reasoning the logic of which is not entirely understood.

Officials in the American State Department  most specifically so Alger Hiss not only engaging in espionage on behalf of the Soviets but also PERSONS FORMULATING POLICY THAT WAS TO THE DETRIMENT OF THE UNITED STATES AND ALLIES POST-WAR!

Roosevelt along with many of his closest advisers at least prior to Yalta favorably disposed toward the Soviet Union and Stalin the dictator.

Harry Hopkins personally briefing Molotov on negotiating tactics with Roosevelt, Henry Wallace and other high ranking American officials having not one bad thing EVER to say about the Soviet Union, etc. Men hardly even alone in their appreciations.

The jury is out, the historians disagree, the historical record never to be agreed upon with 100 % accuracy.


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