Wednesday, January 15, 2014


This is coolbert:

Thanks to the Canadian press and the tip from Freeper we have this shameful item.

"US Air Force: 34 missile launch officers implicated in cheating scandal, others in drug probe"

All persons deemed innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law, military justice under relevant articles of UCMJ!
"WASHINGTON - U.S. Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James says 34 missile launch officers have been implicated in a cheating scandal and three others have been implicated in a drug probe, the latest missteps by those who maintain and operate the nation's 450 nuclear missiles."

Within the context of security clearance, access to and responsibility for nuclear weaponry, consider that for a FIFTY YEAR period starting in 1945 about 50,000 American military personnel being stripped of their clearances and no longer able and ready to serve in a NUCLEAR EQUIPPED UNIT.

So this sort of shameful incident is not that rare, but not that common either?

Most of those American military personnel disqualified by virtue [?] of excessive consumption of alcoholic beverage [drunkenness] or drug use.

These MISSILE LAUNCH OFFICERS [emphasis for good reason] having either failed a drug test or been part of a scheme to evade detection, those administering the test [urinate in a cup] also culpable. Understand those missile launch officers the persons that would turn the keys and press the button, sending an ICBM on target, with all that means.

Yet beyond failing the drug test this also suggests a degree, however much of CONSPIRACY which is worse.

"No person can command a nuclear equipped unit, if even the appearance of wrong-doing exists, EVEN IF TOTALLY UNFOUNDED!!" Again, my emphasis.


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