Monday, October 29, 2018


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From Harry at Sharkhunters some info regarding the American submarine force as envisioned for the future.

Virginia class submarine [replacing the Los Angeles class] already a done deal and already at-sea and on patrol.

Columbia class construction of which on-order, to commence in a few years. [replacing the Ohio class missile-firing ballistic missile boats]

Consider also the future of the American submarine force. None of this I was aware of.

"SUPER SUBMARINES – The US Navy plans to develop two new classes of submarine, according to Congressional analysis of the sea service’s shipbuilding plan for 2019. The cost of designing and building five of the new ‘Large Payload Submarine’ cruise missile submarines and 30 of the new SSN(X) attack submarines could set the American tax payers back some $200 Billion by 2048."

Details courtesy this article as seen at the Internet web site The National Interest"

"The Navy's New Submarine Plan Is In. Take a Look."

"Designing and building five of the new Large Payload Submarine cruise-missile subs and 30 of the new SSN(X) attack submarines could set back U.S. taxpayers $200 billion by 2048."

With regard to the "Large Payload Submarine cruise-missile subs" mission of which is to fire a stupendous barrage of cruise-missiles. Four current Ohio class submarines already having a capability. Newer submarines as on-the-drawing-board their design specifically for such a dedicated mission.

"[Large Payload Submarine] based on the Columbia-class hull with its missile tube section reconfigured to perform whatever missions the Navy might want"

Furthermore the SSN(X) submarine an attack boat more suited to wage undersea-warfare, submarine versus submarine, conventional torpedo attack in the ancient and venerable manner.

"the next-generation attack submarine should be faster, stealthier and able to carry more torpedoes than the Virginia class"

Thank you for the input Harry. Note also no diesel/electric boat or Air-independent-propulsion.


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