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Korean War VII.

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"Korean War - PART 26, Koje-do POW Camp"

"The commander of Kojedo Island POW camp, General Dodd, is captured by his own prisoners. He promised to stop forced 'screening' of POWs. He was relieved of command upon release."

* Chinese communist prisoners-of-war took the Koje-do camp over. Captured and held hostage the American general in charge of the camp.

* Chinese Communist Forces [CCF] Red Army commissars voluntarily and with quite deliberate intent surrendering to the American military. Object to gain access to Chinese army troops held captive by the United Nations command. Commissars their goal to organize communist troops for resistance of whatever nature was possible.

* Larry Wu-Tai Chin the Chinese Communist spy one of the most devastating spies in all of history. Larry by the estimate of the CIA a man single-handedly prolonging the Korea War by at least a year!

* Germ warfare allegations continue to this day but are a HOAX. Commie agitation and propaganda [agit-prop] effective even unto this very day!

* American machinations to remove Rhee an operation code-named Ever-Ready. AGAIN RHEE SEEN AS A LOOSE CANNON.

"loose can·non - - noun - - an unpredictable or uncontrolled person who is likely to cause unintentional damage."

"Korean War - PART 27, Denouement"

"denouement - - n. The conclusion or resolution of a plot"

"The war is coming close to an end. Close to 5 million refugees live in the South. Millions of children were abandoned. The vast disparity between the relative wealth of the foreigners in South Korea and the great poverty of the Korean population, in their own country, stands out."

* 5 million refugees [1 million abandoned children] in South Korea. A tremendous strain on the entire society.

* South Korea not a wealthy country BEFORE the war. Conditions during the war exacerbated by millions of refugees for which there was no accommodation. The separation of families between North and South continues almost seventy years later.

"Korean War - PART 28, End of the War"

"President Syngman Rhee releases North Korean POWs to derail the armistice talks (6:25). The Armistice talks go into the final phases. Operation 'Little Switch', the first big exchange of prisoners, takes place. In the meantime, the war goes on."

* Rhee continues with misguided and counter-productive efforts to disrupt armistice talk. Releases North Korean POW on his own initiative.

* Armistice when finally signed done without the participation of Rhee.

* Both sides of the war attempting to gain an upper hand during truce negotiations. Combat continuing while talks in progress. That demilitarized zone [DMZ] the demarcation line as to be set where the fighting had stopped.

* When armistice talks concluded, the adversaries more or less in the same location as when the war started. A stalemate without reasonable amelioration.

"Korean War - PART 29, Two Koreas...again"

"The political regimes of both the DPRK and the ROK consolidate and solidify their control over their respective parts of Korea after the war. Kim Il Sung purges political rivals in the north, while Syngman Rhee plays his own political games in the south."

* Kim purging his own Communist party of Stalinist elements! Those continuing to be loyal to the Soviet. Kim becomes his own man!

* Rhee unfortunately ruling in the manner of the strong-man, an autocrat who brooks no opposition. Protruding nails will be hammered is the expression most applicable..

* Some Chinese POW under UNC control mutilating or tattooing their bodies in defiance, evidence of their refusing repatriation to mainland China.

"Korean War - PART 30, Post-War Korea"

"The war ends with Korea still divided."

* Economic miracle of South Korea in the aftermath of the war undeniable.

* North Korea their rebuilding also remarkable, but at great cost societal-wise.

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