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Korean War IV.

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Continuing yet further with more links from a You Tube video the topic of which is the Korean War:

"Korean War - PART 11, I Landings (August 1950)Incheon"

"The Incheon landings of Operation Chromite effectively turns around the disaster for the UN forces."

* Japanese personnel [in a civilian capacity] participating in the Incheon landings. Those Japanese having an intimate knowledge of the tidal conditions present Incheon. [second most extreme tidal conditions in the world!]

* Naval assets and merchant vessels as devoted to Chromite their world-wide movement to vicinity of Incheon apparently not detected by communist intelligence?

"Korean War - PART 12, Breakout: Sept. 1950-"

"The 8th US Army and the 10th US Corps link up on September 22nd, and are successful in capturing Seoul. North Korean atrocities are discovered upon the recapture of South Korean territory." .

* Seoul changing hands four times during the war. A capital city of a nation [ROK] more or less obliterated by constant and unremitting combat.

"Korean War - PART 13, To the 38th Parallel and beyond-"

"The South Korean army crosses the 38th parallel, and MacArthur soon follows, without much thought to the consequences with China."

* Pursue your enemy, allowing the foe no let or surcease. Do not allow the adversary to reconstitute as an organized fighting units. Sound military doctrine.

"Korean War - PART 14, China enters-"

"Here (at 3:52), the French journalist, Philippe Daudy, addresses the Americans' use of the term, 'gook' in the Korean War. Also in this episode: Secretary of the Army [State] George C. Marshall is concerned that the US public will not understand that ideas of 'winning' and 'losing' are not exactly applicable to a limited war, like Korea."

* Gook that word derogatory in nature a derivation of the Korean words for American person [Mi-guk] and Korean person [Han-guk]

* Indeed, the American public having thought such a conflict as Korea with the ground combat would never occur again. NOR was victory as understood within the context of the Second World War possible.

* Once more [twice in a period of less than six months] MacArthur and Far East Command caught with their pants down, surprised by the Chinese onslaught. Very experienced and competent commander and staff again flummoxed and made to look very bad!

* See the previously highly classified American CIA document item # 1 the numbers of CCF troops as close to the Manchurian/Korean border and their intention as made manifest.

"Korean War- PART 15, The Rout of the UN"

"MacArthur asks the US Air Force to make good on its promise to obliterate the Chinese forces now routing the UN armies out of North Korea. President Truman is afraid of widening the war, and asks that bombing be restricted to Korea to avoid a wider war."

* That number of North Koreans killed by American saturation bombing prodigious. Estimated to be as many as two million?

 * MacArthur his his pronouncement that the war might be over by Christmas neither a boast or a declaration. "If all goes according to plan some of the boys might be home for Christmas." If! Some! Might! Devoted readers to the blog make your own determination.

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