Monday, October 1, 2018


This is coolbert:

More scare tactics from the Russian? Yet one more hypersonic missile designed to put the fear of GOD into the Americans and NATO? Arrow [NATO codename]! R-37M.

From Freeper and Deagel:

"Putin's latest weapon: Hypersonic air-to-air missile fired from Russian stealth jets"

"...Russia is set to add a hypersonic missile to its arsenal which can hit targets almost 200 miles away, Moscow's official media outlet has reported. The R-37M missile, which is designed to target enemy aircraft and can travel at Mach 6 - more than 4,500mph - is an upgrade on a Soviet-era weapon first launched in 1985"

Arrow not a new weapon. R-37 has been around for at least thirty years. A long-range air to air missile originally as conceived to be employed strictly [?] by Soviet Air Defense [PVO Strany].

Missile in the configuration R-37M hypersonic and an improved version of the original missile but NOT a whole lot more than that? Formidable YES but not a brand-new system. Hypersonic YES but that is all the rage isn't it? Advertise everything as hypersonic for the purpose of hype. A play on words not unintended!

Nothing to worry about or see folks, move along?


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