Friday, August 1, 2014


This is coolbert:

Until now, for the last three years nothing has been heard of this.

"Enlisted Women to Join Sub Crews Starting in 2016"

"The Department of the Navy plans to add enlisted women crewmembers to seven Ohio-class submarines starting in 2016 and to four Virginia-class attack submarines beginning in 2020."

Ohio class submarines ballistic missile firing vessels with the exception of those configured to fire cruise missiles.

Virginia class submarines attack warships with an awesome potential.

The idea originally was to "man" two Virginia class boats with a strictly woman crew.

NO complications in that case with regard to berthing, toilet, etc.

And women officers in command to include those in charge of the nuclear reactors, selection from a group of female physics majors meticulous, that program arduous even for the best prepared and most educated male officers.

Women on submarines [an all female crew] does make sense?

* NO need for separate berthing and toilet facilities.

* NO real danger of becoming prisoner-of-war.

* Strength also not an issue. Enlisted personnel at most performing tasks as would a heavy machine operator.

Calling all men who serve currently or have served in submarines. Let me hear from you on this one. Thanks in advance.


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