Friday, August 1, 2014


This is coolbert:

From a comment by Jawaid to a previous blog entry:

"I do not comprehend as to why is the West so afraid of Sunni Armed Groups and their successes. Why are Sunnis being dubbed as terrorists? Why the West supports directly or indirectly Iran and its Shia Proxies? The rise of Sunnis through ISIL in Iraq and Syria is a good omen for Sunnis of these countries and West should not feel threatened from this development."

My best answer is that the western perspective of the ISIL advance can take you in one of two directions:

1. From the western perspective the advance of ISIL can be seen as a thing of good. This will create an instance of diffused and unfocused energy. The Sunni and Shia will fight and continue to fight neither side able to prevail over the other. Shia and the proxies of Iran NOT able to dominate that area of the Middle East, machinations and goals unfulfilled.

2. From the western perspective the advance of ISIL also can be seen as a thing of bad. Creates too much additional instability in a region of the world already in chaos. That area of the world seen as vital to the world economy and international peace and harmony.

ISIL only as reported today attempting to make contact with the dissident factions in Libya, hoping for allegiance and fealty to the cause of al-Baghdadi. The movement [ISIL] hopes to become international in scope?


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