Monday, August 4, 2014


This is coolbert:


NOW the Yazidi are in grave peril. Those persons classified by the Muslim as poly-theists. The Pack of Omar does apply to them. Either convert or die!!

"Islamic State Seize Town of Sinjar, Pushing Out Kurds and Sending Yazidis Fleeing (Iraq)"

"Al-Qaeda-inspired extremists seized control of the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar on Sunday [3 August], advancing against overstretched Kurdish forces and sending thousands of residents running for their lives."

"Families described scenes of panic as gunmen entered the town around 7 a.m. after Kurdish forces withdrew. The majority of residents are Yazidis, followers of a pre-Islamic faith, and the extremists accuse them of being devil worshipers."

“'People were terrified,' said Ilias al-Hussani, who like tens of thousands of others had fled on foot toward the mountains as soon as gunmen entered. 'They are savages. We’ve seen what they’ve done to people of their own faith. Imagine what they would do to us non-Muslims.'”

Concluding but not the conclusion. We are going to see much more, count on it.


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