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That untimely death of the Polish General officer Sikorski during the Second World War [WW2] a subject of controversy never resolved. The proverbial foul play suspected but never established with certitude. Indeed, the cause of the airplane crash deemed as an unresolved matter.

From that comment to the blog by Steiner:   "Communists, almost certainly, who were operating with impunity in the UK at the time and who didn't wish to see a traditionalist like De Gaulle emerge as the leader of post-war France."

Some persons who identity is unknown indeed making a determined effort to kill Charles De Gaulle. An assassination attempt does seem to have occurred.

And my reply:  "Steiner correct in his appreciation. English secret agents beholden to the Soviet Union in high positions of importance within the British Secret Service MI-6 [Kim Philby] and Counter-Intelligence MI-5 [Anthony Blunt] more than able to facilitate an assassination."

Sikorski asking too many questions in a blunt and forthright manner, irritating to the British and Soviets both.

Concerns of Sikorski to include [1] the post-war boundaries and independence of Poland and also [2] the status of the disappeared Polish army officers, priests, intellectuals that had whisked off to the Soviet Union in the aftermath of Polish partition and occupation [1939].

As has been noted by various other authorities, Kim Philby in his capacity during the Second World War as a serving counter-intelligence officer of the British Secret Intelligence Service [MI6] had a responsibility for what was termed the Iberian section. To include that English territory of GIBRALTAR.

According to the high-ranking Romanian defector Pacepa Sikorski NOT mentioned as one of those foreign leaders the Soviets having either killed or tried to kill!

The death of Sikorski more correctly attributed to an airplane either overloaded or improperly loaded or a combination of both!

Read from the David Irving web site a free download of:  "Accident. The Death of General Sikorski".

Accident? You the reader to the blog decide if you can!


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