Friday, May 9, 2014

De Gaulle.

This is coolbert:

From a comment to the blog by Steiner in reply to my original entry:

 "Steiner said...
Communists, almost certainly, who were operating with impunity in the UK at the time and who didn't wish to see a traditionalist like De Gaulle emerge as the leader of post-war France."

Charles De Gaulle while in command of the Free French during World War Two [WW2] almost certainly the subject of an assassination attempt.

Steiner correct in his appreciation. English secret agents beholden to the Soviet Union in high positions of importance within the British Secret Service MI-6 [Kim Philby] and Counter-Intelligence MI-5 [Anthony Blunt] more than able to facilitate an assassination.

And as also noted:

 "The man [de Gaulle] had MANY ENEMIES and was not held in high repute by the other allied leaders. That list of potential suspects in the apparent assassination attempt if compiled I might assume very long indeed."

American and British political leadership during the war not finding de Gaulle so compliant and malleable as they might have liked.

Within the Free French movement, both external and internal NOT ALL Frenchmen in agreement that General De Gaulle as the undisputed leader, the means and methods of the man [de Gaulle] not so appreciated by all.

Communists external and internal [French resistance] of course anticipating a large degree of political chaos in the aftermath of the war, seeking to advantage of same, de Gaulle seen obviously as an impediment to "commie" take-over!


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