Tuesday, May 6, 2014


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The Other People?

Pro-Russian combat and militia elements now active in Ukraine including Spetsnaz [special purpose units] consisting of troops as referred to by the Soviet era defector Suvorov as "The Other People".

Soldiers within Spetsnaz as not having Slavic origins and distinctive in that regard.

 "Russians Importing CHECHEN Soldiers to Sew [sic] Further Chaos in Eastern Ukraine?"

"Today's combat in and near Slovyansk between Russian-backed insurgents and Ukranian military personnel resulted in 30 insurgent/terrorist dead, according to a Ukranian government statement..."

"But the interesting thing is that Chechen soldiers were amongst the 'rebels' killed in the battle for a key checkpoint north of the city- what the hell are they doing there?"

"Furthermore, local Ukrainians taped 'rebels' who just appeared manning another ('pro-Russian) checkpoint who were speaking a strange foreign language that was clearly not Slavic..."

"Earlier reports also had some Transdniestrans -from a breakaway strip of Moldova that wants to be annexed by Russia- showing up amongst pro-Russian insurgents that the Kremlin still purports to be 'locals rising up to protect themselves'"

From Surorov:

"Very rarely one comes across young Soviet Italians, too . . . and spetsnaz contains Turks, Kurds, Greeks, Koreans, Mongolians, Finns and people of other nationalities . . . . I have never heard of there being purely national formations within spetsnaz . . . It is perfectly possible that they would be created in case of necessity and perhaps there are some permanent spetsnaz groups chosen on a purely national basis"

Doing autopsies and examining the remains for circumcision too will become routine for Ukrainian authorities? Determine if persons not of Ukrainian nationality and origin involved in the insurgency? Ukrainians do not customarily circumcise their new-born?


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