Saturday, May 10, 2014


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That binding bi-lateral defense treaty between the Philippines and the United States further clarified during the most recent Asian good-will visit by the American President, contingencies anticipated and ACCESS to Filipino military bases by American military forces under discussion.

From Strategy Page and as copied almost in entirety:

1. "Philippines: America Will Sort-Of Help Against China"

"The U.S. signed the EDCA (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement) with the Philippines, at the same time that the U.S. made it clear that the 1951 mutual defense treaty between the United States and Philippines applied if China used force to assert claims over Filipino territory. The details of EDCA are still being worked out, especially which Filipino military bases the U.S. can share and to what extent. The U.S. was, however, vague about what kind of support if would provide if China managed to continue driving Filipino ships out of areas claimed by China (most of the South China Sea including Filipino coastal waters) without using armed force."

Clarification not so absolutely clear as to what exactly is meant by those terms: "Filipino territory" and "armed force".

AND as noted by the English language Vietnamese web site Thanh Nien News.

2. "Philippines to give US forces access to up to five military bases"

* "from three to five Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) bases"

* "the army's jungle training base in Fort Magsaysay"

 *  "three former U.S. bases -- Clark airfield, Subic bay, Poro Point -- and Camp Aguinaldo, the military general headquarters in Manila."

 * "The United States is also considering whether to seek access to four civil airports - Palawan, Cebu, General Santos, and Laoag - as well as Batanes airfield for refueling and emergency servicing, the sources said. There are also nearby bases in Cebu and Palawan."

The Vietnamese observing events closely especially within the context of the most recent confrontation with Chinese forces in the South China Sea.


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