Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sambisa Forest.

This is coolbert:

Intelligence preparation of the battlefield [IPB].

Devoted readers to the blog by now are well acquainted with the recent kidnappings in Nigeria. Insurgents of the Islamic Boko Haram guerrilla faction having abducted hundreds of schoolgirls and escaped apparently unscathed into their forest/mountain stronghold of the Sambisa forest.

"Inside Nigeria's Sambisa forest, the Boko Haram hideout where kidnapped school girls are believed to be held"

"Once a game reserve renowned for its wildlife, Sambisa is now a key stronghold for Islamic insurgents, and a place of fear for the people of Borno state."

That Sambisa forest at one time a colonial game preserve now that sanctuary for the insurgents, an area the terrain most forbidding, almost impenetrable. Boko Haram I might think also having had many years to prepare the environment to their advantage.

A landscape the danger of which also to include the possibility of attack from wild and dangerous animals. With regard to military operations Africa is almost unique in this regard.

That total or nearly total lack of infrastructure in the Sambisa area also making conventional military operations difficult at best, THE BIG FOOTPRINT OF MASSIVE MILITARY FORCE NOT GOING TO WORK IN THIS SITUATION!

Anyone have a good idea how to proceed with this matter which is now receiving world-wide media coverage and universal condemnation?


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