Sunday, May 4, 2014


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From the most recent DEBKAfile news letter some miscellany:

1. "Al Qaeda suicide bombings -first attack on Suez Canal bank"

"February 24, 2014. Two Al Qaeda suicide bombings Friday at A-Tor, on the bank of the Suez Canal, killed an Egyptian soldier and wounded five at an army checkpoint, and struck a bus, injuring four passengers. This was the first time the jihadists had struck in the Suez Canal region."

NO! Jihadists HAVE struck the Suez Canal and environs previously! That objective either to render the canal as inoperative or raise insurance costs to a prohibitive level!

2. "Saudis parade nuclear missiles for the first time"

"30 April. Saudi Arabia paraded its nuclear-capable missiles for the first time Tuesday, April 29, showing the liquid propellant DF-3 ballistic missile (NATO designated CSS-2), purchased from China 20 years ago. This missile has a range of 2,650 km, carries a payload of 2,150 kg and a single nuclear warhead with a 1-3 MT yield. This was Riyadh’s way of displaying its readiness to use a nuclear weapon in a potential war with Iran and its non-reliance any longer on a US nuclear shield"

The Saudi NOW HAS AN ORGANIC NUCLEAR CAPABILITY? Delivery system with previously purchased  on-call warheads available from Pakistan? This should be a wake-up call for everyone!

3. "Secret US-Hizballah talks. Washington plans to include Lebanon, Syria deals in Iran nuclear pact "

"29 April. The Obama administration has embarked on secret dialogue with Hizballah, DEBKAfile reports. The first direct encounter between the CIA and Hizballah representatives took place in early March in Cyprus. Two subsequent meetings have produced initial US-Hizballah understandings for Lebanon and Syria. The administration reckons that any difficulties cropping up in those talks can be fixed by turning to Tehran."

NO negotiations with terrorists! This is not negotiation but DIALOGUE! An exchange of viewpoints?

4. "Two Mid East intelligence chiefs wrong about Syria"

"26 April. In his three years as AMAN chief, Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, just appointed OC Northern Command, was credited with enhancing the corps’ operational capabilities as a combat force. But, on the debit side, he made three major miscalculations: [1] He overrated the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s life expectancy, [2] underrated Bashar Assad’s chances of survival; and [3] did not recommend that Israel halt Hizballah’s military intervention in the Syrian War. Kochavi shared his second mistake with Prince Bandar, who paid for it by his replacement as Director of Saudi Intelligence on April 15."

AMAN Israeli military intelligence and not be confused with Mossad. Analysis as regard the situation in Syria an the involvement of Hezbollah incorrect. EVEN THE ISRAELI WITH THEIR VAUNTED INTELLIGENCE CAPABILITY CAN BE WRONG!

My admonition and warning as usual, the noted blogger Spengler rating DEBKAfile as unreliable under all circumstances.


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