Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blood Moon!

This is coolbert:

"If he (the Prophet) is really a prophet, ask him to cause the Sun to stand still or the Moon to alter its course, the rivers to cease to flow or the dead to rise from their graves". - - William Henry Harrison.

We have this extract from the "First Things" blog entry:

Celestial phenomenon of an unusual nature, purportedly a precursor to WAR or events of a most significant nature?

"Goodnight, Blood Moon Fact Checking John Hagee’s Blood Moon Prophecy" by Dermott J. Mullan

"Prominent pastor [evangelic Protestant] John Hagee’s 'blood moon prophecy,' the claim that eclipses track with significant events in the history of Israel, has gained coverage if not much credence in USA Today, the New York Daily News, and other outlets. There are political and religious responses that could be offered to his prophecy, but as an astronomer I had one question in mind: Do Hagee’s factual claims hold? The answer is no."

"Hagee’s prophecy claims that 'tetrads' (the occurrence of four total lunar eclipses over two years) which occur on Passover and Succot (P&S) coincide with significant events in the history of the Jewish people."

"To support this claim, Hagee says that P & tetrads in 1493-94, 1949-50, and 1967-68 can be associated (within a year or two) with expulsion of Spanish Jews (1492), establishment of the state of Israel (1948), and Israel’s six-day war (1967)."
. . . .

"Hagee uses his claim to make predictions that significant events may occur in the near future in Israel. The timeliness of Hagee’s book is heightened by the fact that a P & S tetrad started recently (on April 14, 2014)."

"Significant events in the history of the Jewish people" in this instance presumably a war between Israel and a foreign power perhaps to include the use of nuclear weaponry?

Mr. Mullan and astronomer in a rational and reasoned manner able to demonstrate that "significant events" in Jewish history not always associated with a tetrad cycle. Indeed, more "significant events" NOT associated with a tetrad cycle than ARE!

However, also undeniably so, unusual celestial phenomenon of a solar and lunar variety associated with major wars and military conflicts of ancient and modern times having occurred!

To include but not necessarily limited to:

* The Battle of Delhi, 1300 B.C. As described in the Hindu epic poem Mahabhrata, a total eclipse of the sun followed six days later by a total eclipse of the moon. And such events as actually having occurred.

* Gaugamela, 331 B.C. Macedonians of Alexander the Great versus Persians. A total eclipse of the moon on that evening prior to the battle. A sign of wonder as observed by all, the portent most unmistakable.

* Siege of Constantinople, 1453. The rising of a total eclipsed moon not observable, an omen correctly interpreted as EVIL!

* Prophetstown, 1806. Tenskwatawa "The Prophet" and brother of the famous American Indian war chief Tecumseh having answered the challenge of William Henry Harrison. The sun did stand still in the heavens! That War of 1812 also foretold by the New Madrid Earthquake. The rivers not necessarily "ceasing to flow" but indeed for the time the Mississippi river having reversed course and run backwards!!

* Battle of Isandhlwana, 1879. Zulu versus British. Annular eclipse of the sun during that the path of totality passing directly over the combatants as the battle in progress.

* Tannenberg, 1914. An awesome spectacle the total eclipse of the sun having been observed by the Russian peasant soldiers with proper conclusion reached! Something of a majestic, grand and terrible nature was going to occur, and DID!

Paranormal phenomenon of this type and as associated with war merely a coincidence! Isn't it?

 "There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. Luke 21:25.

You the devoted reader to the blog decide for yourself.



outsider said...

It is not possible for a solar eclipse to be followed 6 days later by a lunar eclipse. The moon needs half a month to travel halfway around its orbit.

Bert said...

Bert says: Indeed, Outsider is correct.

From the Mahabhrata it was a LUNAR eclipse followed thirteen days later by a SOLAR eclipse.

See at this web site an analysis of such an event as described in the epic poem: http://tinyurl.com/7jf4zte

That date of 1300 B.C. also an approximate. Dates of BCJ not in the universally recognized calendar as in use now?

Even Bert can be wrong and acknowledges this to be so!