Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ukraine III.

This is coolbert:


Thanks to Steve we have this graphic, showing the breakdown by ethnicity of nationalities in Ukraine.

A civilization clash both from the stand point of LANGUAGE and RELIGION!

Click on graphic to see a more distinct image.
Eastern part of Ukraine Russian speaking, the remaining preponderance of the nation much less so.
Again, also a religious difference between the two groups. Those Russian speakers aligning with the Russian Orthodox church, the remainder of the Ukraine more or less best be thought of as an Eastern Rite of the Roman Catholic church with fealty to Rome.

In addition, historically speaking, that western-most part of what now constitutes Ukraine prior to 1939 a part of Poland. ONLY incorporated into the old Soviet Union with the German invasion and the onset of World War Two, the dividing of Poland into German and Soviet spheres.

Ukraine as much of the old Soviet Union that proverbial "tangled web" of language, religion, historical injustice, etc.

And who can unweave the tangled web in a just, humane, and orderly manner?

Perhaps NO ONE!


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