Monday, March 3, 2014


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Thanks to Strategy Page we have the Philippine update:

"Philippines: America Says It Will Help Against China"

 "U.S. Navy officials have said that if China occupied disputed islands in South China Sea the United States would help, as it is obliged to do because of a mutual defense treaty with the Philippines. The U.S. refused to say exactly how it would help. The U.S. did point out that it is shifting naval forces from other parts of the world to the Pacific"

Understand that it is not a matter of "if" or "maybe" but MUST!

Must come to the aid of the Philippines if attacked.

Such is the nature of the long standing bi-lateral treaty between the Filipino and American government.

Treaties entered into by the United States become the LAW OF THE LAND AND MUST BE OBEYED.

You have given your word and now must honor and no second thoughts or quibbling. OBLIGATION!

That Filipino government also in the same league with India. Both having a long standing experience at fighting insurgencies from a variety of home grown Islamic and communist groups.

To include:



* Abu Sayyaf.

* NPA.

Those three former the eternal Moro of the Sulu Sea five hundred years of opposition to those as perceived as the invader. That NPA the communist oriented and for forty years fighting a guerrilla war against the central government in Manila.

"Exactly how". See my previous blog entry on the Air-Sea battle as envisioned by American war planners!

"There will always be wars or rumors of war"! Matthew.


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