Saturday, March 1, 2014


This is coolbert:

I somehow had a feeling this was going to happen. Those Russians at the top of the ruling elite using the word "bandits" to describe those persons in Kiev that from the Russian perspective have orchestrated a COUP DE E'TAT!

"Kiev events is coup organized by open Nazis who follow Bandera tradition - expert"

"what happened in Kiev was a coup by people who are predominantly openly Nazis. They are obviously back to the tradition of Stepan Bandera, who was a Nazi collaborator in the 1940 helping the invasion of the Nazis. And these are people who openly use the slogans, logos which are very clearly Nazi."

"But then you also have this eruption of Nazi organizations . . . [and] in the post-war period Nazi collaborators were not prosecuted despite the fact that they had killed tens of thousands of Jews and Polish people and Ukrainian communists."

Persons in Kiev mounting "coup de e'tat" thought by many Russians to be followers of Stephan Bandera.

Banderovsky. Paramilitary organization that allied itself during World War Two [WW2] with the German. Ukrainian nationalist members of the OUN and devoted fighters to the anti-communist cause.

And during that initial period of the Cold War receiving aid and comfort from a variety of western intelligence organizations, again, from that perspective and long-term memory of the Russian illegal organizations that have a fascist nature to them.

"Stepan Andriyovych Bandera . . . a Ukrainian revolutionary politician and one of the leaders of Ukrainian national movement in Western Ukraine (Galicia), who headed the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) . . . the leader of the Ukrainian nationalist movement which fought for Ukrainian independence from Soviet and against all perceived enemies of a free Ukrainian state."

Bandera a man whose legacy is most mixed and controversial. More properly though of as an anti-communist and anti-Soviet fighter, a Ukrainian nationalist?

"Assessments of his [Bandera] work have ranged from totally apologetic to sharply negative. On 22 January 2010, the outgoing President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko awarded to Bandera the title of Hero of Ukraine (posthumously)."



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