Monday, March 10, 2014


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Dieppe!! Jubilee.

Continuing with extracts and comments from the List Verse web site, articles that have a military dimension.

"10 Of The Most Embarrassing British Military Blunders"

"# 1 Dieppe Raid 1942"

"The disaster at Dieppe was a British attempt to gain a foothold in Nazi-occupied France and open a second European front."

NO ONE has ever been able to determine with certainty WHO exactly gave the order for Jubilee to commence.

Those at the highest echelon of the British command either not aware of such a major operation or having not given their approval.

Mountbatten on his own authority which was questionable and perhaps illegal [??] military operation both very costly and abortive.

And surely NOT "to gain a foothold either".

Reasons for the Dieppe "raid" not totally clear to this very day.

Those rationalities for Jubilee to include:

* Take the pressure off the Soviets.

* Test landing techniques for an invasion of Europe.

* Allow Canadian troops to get some combat experience.

* Capture secret German equipment.

* Part of the continuum of Combined Operations but on a grand scale.

Second-rate German troops equipped with second-rate military hardware able to defeat most handily the BEST soldiers of the British Empire available at that exact moment. Most galling!


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