Sunday, March 23, 2014

Soldaten I.

This is coolbert:

Here begins a series of blog entries, extracts and comments from the book: "Life of a Nazi Soldier". Described as a book for young adults but I think much more. Some interesting facts, anecdotal accounts and quotations from German participants of the Second World War [WW2].

That title and use of the term NAZI soldier, soldier as that term understood NOT confined to hard-core adherents of the German fascist regime.

Any and all participants armed and belonging to military style organizations deemed as a "Nazi" soldier for the purpose of "Life as a Nazi Soldier".

Nazi soldiers belonging to:

* The Wehrmacht.

> Army. Heer.
> Navy. Kriegsmarine.
> Airforce. Luftwaffe.

* The SS Schutzstaffeln.

> General SS.
> Waffen SS.
> Death's Head.

* Ordnungpolizei. Order Police.

Also those German institutions also  having a paramilitary or quasi-military nature during the fascist period:

* Universal Service.

> Hitler Youth.
> Labor Service.
> League of German Girls.

1. Death's Head those SS units devoted to the concentration and death camps.

2. Wehrmacht the traditional military fighting services.

3. Labor Service analogous to the American Civilian Conservation Corps during that same period. Young men providing useful labor of national interest. Normal hard pick and shovel out-of-doors and under-the-sun labor, erosion control, unskilled type of manual work, the body of personnel organized along military lines, communal living, OFTEN ESTABLISHED, SUPERVISED AND RUN BY ACTIVE DUTY SERVING OFFICERS.

4. Ordnungpolizei I am only very vaguely familiar with. German civilian police organized along paramilitary and quasi-military lines and responsible for enforcing edicts and promulgations of the German authorities in occupied territories. Head-knockers!

"I have a reactionary army, a National Socialist Air Force, and a Christian Navy" - - A. Hitler.

And so much more too!


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