Thursday, March 20, 2014

Type 035G.

This is coolbert:

First there was Type XXI, then there was Whiskey and then there was Romeo.

Romeo beget Type 033 which became Type 035G.

Seventy years now and counting and still going strong. Thanks to Strategy Page for the tip.

"Submarines: Nazi U-Boats Prowl The Coasts Of Asia"

   "March 12, 2014: After over a decade of effort China has finally found export customers for its diesel-electric submarines. In December 2013 China agreed to sell Bangladesh two Type 035G subs for $103 million each . . . The Type 035Gs are to be delivered within five years, indicating that these will be newly built."

"The Type 035Gs are so cheap because they are an old design that actually goes all the way back to World War II. The Chinese, with their typical persistence have kept tweaking and improving that design. For China it all began in the 1960s with their Type 33 boats. These were copies of the Russian Romeo class which was the successor to the Whiskey class boats, which were, in turn, based on the German Type XXI. The German design first showed up in 1943, and was the first modern submarine in that it was designed to spend most of its time underwater"

Chinese export $100 million per copy and cheap. Has to be for a poverty stricken nation such as Bangladesh.

Understand that these are going to be NEWLY BUILT SUBMARINES AND THAT BASIC DESIGN FROM SEVENTY YEARS AGO. NOT merely a refurbished boat.

I might think that Bangladesh has a very limited role for a navy much less submarines. Patrolling, surveillance, strictly defensive type of warfare.

The Chinese Type 035G equipped with improved electronics, engines, batteries, able to fire torpedoes and MISSILES both of an advanced variety. But that basic submersible design from the original German XXI boat of WW2!

Adequate for the task and very cost efficient for the mission as envisioned? I think so.

Even your average every-day billionaire could afford half a dozen or so of these naval vessels. Any takers?



Ahmed Sharif said...

Please note that the submarines are going to join Bangladesh Navy in 2015, not "within five years", as early reports indicated. So, obviously these would be refurbished subs. And on another note, negotiations have reduced the price of the two boats by $10 million to around $193 million.

Unknown said...

can type 035g class sub fire anti ship missile?????