Monday, March 10, 2014

Natural Gas.

This is coolbert:

Within the context of the Ukraine crisis American energy independence NOW becoming an integral part of the American diplomacy and leverage beyond that of military force or the threat of military force.

Thanks to Freeper:

"Central Europeans want U.S. gas to cut dependence on Russia"

"Four central European countries have asked the U.S. Congress to make it easier for them to import natural gas from the United States and reduce their dependence on supplies from Russia, the Czech Foreign Ministry said on Saturday. The Visegrad 4 group including Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia is looking to diversify supplies to eliminate the danger Russia could use its control of gas and oil flows to exert political pressure on the former Soviet satellite states. Supplies were briefly disrupted in 2009 during a dispute between Russia and Ukraine"

Eastern European nations highly dependent on imports of Russian energy asking the United States to lift export restrictions on natural gas.

Thanks to fracking America not only becoming energy self-sufficient but also and exporter of some prominence. This all occurring in an unforeseen manner as not ever predicted by any of the experts.

As it was prior to World War Two [WW2], the United States on the fast track to energy export status, the reliability of which grateful to all, even beyond the borders of the forty-eight contiguous states and far beyond.

The global ramifications of American energy self-sufficiency to be indeed of very major geo-political significance.


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