Monday, October 28, 2013

Unit 910.

This is coolbert:

From the web site we have this update an online web site, an "apparition" of mysterious origin, the target apparently Hezbollah.

"Mysterious website seeks intelligence on Hezbollah operatives"

"Intelligence circles in the Middle East are abuzz with news of a mysterious website that appears to offer substantial financial rewards in exchange for information about alleged members of militant group Hezbollah. The website, located at, describes its mission as helping end 'Hezbollah-perpetrated terrorism in Lebanon and abroad.' It specifically targets the Lebanese group’s Unit 910, believed to be tasked with international operations"

Hezbollah described as the BEST LIGHT INFANTRY IN THE WORLD!

BEST as able to perform a multiplicity of tasks and perform them all well, infantry combat operations merely an aspect of the global reach of Hezbollah.

Those Hezbollah "operatives" belong to this Unit 910? Unite 910 also in addition as previously stated able to "perform a multiplicity of tasks and perform them all well" INCLUDING CYBERWARFARE AND SUCH?

This image purportedly shows the Hezbollah cyberwarfare unit? Those yellow colors indicating to the whole world this is Hezbollah, those various operators at the monitors and keyboards also having the neatly trimmed beards. Hezbollah is well-disciplined and expects nothing less.. As you might well expect from the BEST!

Devoted readers to the blog have some knowledge of Unit 910 or the web site ""?

I need to research this topic more.


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