Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tilt Rotor?

This is coolbert:

From the Russell Military Museum, Russell, IL., USA we have this image of a fiberglass mock up, a proposed design for a ground attack, close air support [CAS] tilt rotor aircraft.

Controversial as to the identity but without question [?] an American design, those Soviet markings applied after the fact for display purposes.

A tilt rotor warplane having one mini-gun [7.62 mm] front and rear, that aircraft unique to modern designs in that it has a TAIL GUNNER!

This tilt rotor warplane never built, a concept only, the owner of the military museum confident that this WAS NOT A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE PROP!

Estimated cost of the mold for a one-of-a-kind mock-up about $1 million US.

Anyone have a good idea as to the origins and provenance' of this mock-up? From various Internet forums the consensus being that this WAS a Hollywood movie prop and nothing more.

Comments anyone?


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