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From that prior blog entry:

"Surprisingly so [?] it having been determined that about 20 % of foreign jihadist killed on the Iraq or Afghan battlefield having at one time LIVED IN THE UNITED STATES AND DURING THEIR RESIDENCE ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH A CRIME!"

NO! That 20 % a figure WAY TOO HIGH. Is rather 1 %. That lower figure however not to be minimized.

Originally from the Washington Post article as authored by Ellen Nakashima as of 2008 and also as seen at another web site.

 "Post-9/11 Dragnet Turns Up Surprises"

"In the six-and-a-half years that the U.S. government has been fingerprinting insurgents, detainees and ordinary people in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Horn of Africa, hundreds have turned out to share an unexpected background, FBI and military officials said. They have criminal arrest records in the United States."

. . . .

"The records suggest that potential enemies abroad know a great deal about the United States because many of them have lived here, officials said. The matches also reflect the power of sharing data across agencies and even countries, data that links an identity to a distinguishing human characteristic such as a fingerprint."

. . . .

"The FBI team fingerprinted 3,800 fighters. More than 40, Shannon said, had previous criminal records in the agency's database."

"Many of those with U.S. arrest records had come to the United States to study ..."

OH, I'm sure they studied quite hard. And always had a smile on their face for everyone too.

AND in the aftermath of the most recent Westgate Mall Kenya terrorist incident:

"the United States wants autopsy and forensic data, including DNA samples, to help determine if Americans were part of it, the official said."

YES, fingerprints, dental records, DNA samples, etc.

That Somali-based al-Shabaab terror group reportedly having recruited American citizens or legal residents of the United States, persons of Somali ancestry missing from their homes and having traveled to Somalia within the context of waging jihad.

CSI GWOT and it works.


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