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From Freeper as originally seen in the "Want China Times"

This appraisal, if and when the armed conflict between India and China ever becomes a reality, that Chinese PLA at a distinct disadvantage in case of protracted hostilities, that Main Supply Route [MSR] too vulnerable. "Lieutenants think tactics, generals think logistics".

"India could take out Qinghai-Tibet Railway to cripple PLA"

"The Qinghai-Tibet Railway — which runs between Xining in western China's Qinghai province and Lhasa in Tibet — could become a potential target for the Su-33MKI fighters of the Indian Air Force if a territorial dispute between China and India escalates into a full-scale war"
. . . .

According to the Kanwa Defense Review, China's . . . PLA units in Tibet rely too much on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway for supplies. Once the railway is cut off, it would be extremely difficult for the PLA to find a new supply line. There are 260 bridges and two tunnels within Tibet and India's Mirage 2000 and Su-33MKI fighters would able to attack most of them with precision guided munitions.

My instantaneous response to reading this Freeper article is WHAT ABOUT THIS UNIT?

The Special Frontier Force [SFF]. Indian Army ethnic Tibetan special forces.

"A unit organized in the aftermath of the Sino-Indian war of 1962. The Aksai-Chin incursion. Chinese and Indian troops fighting it out in the 'dead zone'. High altitude combat along the border between communist occupied Tibet and India."

"The Special Frontier Force (SFF) was created on 14 November 1962, near the end of the Indo-China War . . . It's main goal was to conduct covert operations behind Chinese lines in the event of another Indo-China war"

Covert operations as I understand it to be guerrilla warfare in the classical manner.

To include raids, ambushes, mining and sniping. Sabotage an important tactic of the guerrilla army in furtherance of conventional military operations, "THE WAR OF THE RAILS" that Soviet partisan mission widespread during World War Two [WW2] most instrumental and always and integral part of all Red Army operations.

Persistent and unrelenting attack by air AND GROUND FORCES [ SFF guerrillas] those bridges and tunnels not passable, Chinese PLA troops in contact with the units of the Indian Army at the end of a long and precarious supply line not able to receive on a sustained basis that logistic support required for long-term combat operations.

So is the hypothesis.

Any devoted reader to the blog aware if the SFF is still in existence?


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