Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This is coolbert:

Thanks to Der Spiegel that latest update on Kashmir.

A legacy of the partition of the Indian sub-continent, that British Raj divided into Pakistan and India, BUT FROM OVER SIXTY YEARS AGO NOW [1947], THE STATUS OF KASHMIR NEVER RESOLVED!

That low-level intensity warfare characteristic of an insurgency continuing and only recently there being a marked escalation of hostilities very worrisome.

Two nuclear powers at the proverbial loggerheads a situation seeming to be without remediation.

"Himalayan Hotbed: Tensions Spike in Divided Kashmir"

"Violence has been on the rise again in the troubled province since the summer. On Aug. 6, Muslim extremists shot and killed five Indian soldiers. According to Indian sources, the Pakistani military helped the attackers. Since then, there have been border skirmishes between the Pakistanis and the Indians almost every day."

I was not aware a portion of Kashmir under Chinese control, that border never having been clearly define. That also a legacy of the Raj and British rule. And contentious no one wanting to give an inch or appear WEAK!

That Vale of Kashmir prior to 1947 perhaps among the top half dozen most popular tourist attraction for the international traveler. NOT SO for a long time, perhaps that aspect of life in Kashmir [tourism] gone forever?

The Hindu Pandits wine-shop owners several decades ago now many tens of thousands having to flee for their lives, so precarious was their position in Kashmir, targets of insurgents and ethnic cleansing on a scale before that term [ethnic cleansing] as now understood even popular.

Anyone have a suggestion as to how the conflict in Kashmir can be resolved? The concerned parties after a period seven decades not being able to reach an accommodation, however can a settlement be reached? I fear never.


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