Friday, May 31, 2013

Atomics ROK!

This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune once again from earlier this month  we have this interesting item.

That South Korean [Republic of Korea] in Seoul taking seriously the development of atomic weaponry in response to North Korean bellicosity and provocation.

That question asked with some justification - - if the North can have the "bomb, why can't we?

"More South Koreans support developing nuclear weapons"

"Chicago Tribune 2013-05-19: SEOUL — Perhaps it is merely basic human desire to keep up with the neighbors, but an increasing number of South Koreans are saying that they want nuclear weapons too. Even in Japan, a country still traumatized by the legacy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there is a debate about the once-taboo topic of nuclear weapons. The mere fact that the bomb is being discussed as a policy option shows how North Korea's nuclear program could trigger a new arms race in East Asia"

I might very well and very accurately assume that the South Korean [ROK] on very short notice could build and deploy to the field atomic weaponry. They already possess nuclear facilities in the form of atomic power plants, that fuel for the reactors quite readily capable of being further processed into weapons grade fissionable material.

South Korea [ROK] too for some time a very advanced and sophisticated technological nation, their scientific and industrial capacity at a high level and should be recognized as being so.

South Korea [ROK] also having in their arsenal WEAPONS DELIVERY SYSTEMS, advanced fighter-bomber aircraft.

Once the "go" signal South Korean [ROK] could design, engineer, fabricate and "field" an atomic bomb in less than a year? Such a capability does exists?

AND atomic munitions designed, engineered, and fabricated the South Korean [ROK] KNOWING FULL WELL THE BOMB WILL WORK AS INTENDED WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO TEST?

More than any reason for development of an atomic bomb is a fear in Seoul that American assurance of a guaranteed retaliatory policy against a North Korean threat may all come to naught if the proverbial "push comes to shove"?


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