Saturday, May 25, 2013


This is coolbert:

Joseph Kony and the hunt for same as it continues thanks to the Voice of America.

That hunt for over a year now [?] NOW greatly complicated by dynamic change, the "hunt" going badly, Joseph always able to outwit his pursuers, taking advantage of that "dynamics".

Joseph has found sanctuary?

Joseph and his band or bands of terrorists/guerrillas/insurgents elusive able to cross borders at will, and able to stymie those elements to including troops from the American Special Forces [SF].

That dynamic change the Seleka rebels in the Central African Republic mounting successful coup d'etat, the consequences of which favorable to Joseph, governmental instability and a lack of continuity a factor working to the disadvantage of the "hunter".

"Joseph Kony and LRA in Sudan"

"Joseph Kony and his outlaw Lord’s Resistance Army now have a chance to regroup, thanks to the collapse of government in the Central African Republic and new sanctuary in Sudan."

 "Kony is on the run from the International Criminal Court, which wants to arrest him on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including murder, rape, sexual slavery, and recruiting children fighters under the age of 15."

 "Ugandan troops with U.S. military advisers were hunting Kony and the LRA in the Central African Republic (CAR). But those operations were suspended after Seleka rebels took over the capital, Bangui."

That Central African Republic [CAR] due to the inherent instability as the result of coup d'etat also now severely infested with poachers, the target the African elephant, the CAR the last remaining stronghold in all of Africa for large herds [hundreds of animals all in one place] of pachyderms.

Darfur, the eastern Congo, CAR, etc. Endemic low-level warfare that entire portion of the continent stripped bare of resources, the various militias and war lords able to lay waste with relative impunity, the best efforts of outsiders to mitigate the situation generally futile!


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