Saturday, May 25, 2013


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NOT for some time now have we had any updates regarding the Maoist insurgency of India. Very active but no new blog entries regarding same in the recent past. Until NOW.

Thanks to the BBC:

"'Maoist rebels' kill 17 in India"

"At least 17 people, including a local leader of India's governing Congress party, have been killed in an attack by suspected Maoist rebels in the central state of Chhattisgarh."

"The attackers reportedly blocked the road by felling trees. They then detonated the mine and started spraying the convoy with bullets."

The victim and his colleagues having organized paramilitary fighters to combat the Maoist rebels, himself and those in the convoy with him now a victim of the insurgents.

That war the government of India does NOT WANT you to know about.

The roadside bomb or remotely detonated mine the weapon of choice in this case, and INDEED the weapon of choice now so it seems for terrorists/guerrillas/insurgents the world over.

And carefully note the use of the abatis. An archaic method of warfare from the time of Julius Caesar and the Romans. Roads blocked by carefully downed and felled trees, a convoy or marching column stopped, vulnerable to attack, the ambush initiated.

"abatis - - Barricade of fallen trees, rampart of felled trees and branches"

 "There is evidence it was used as early as the Roman Imperial period . . . Abatis is rarely seen nowadays, having been largely replaced by wire obstacles."

"Abatis is rarely seen nowadays". At least until now that is.

The old ways are the best ways?


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