Sunday, May 5, 2013


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Once again, twice in three days the Israeli Air Force [IAF] attacking and destroying targets in Syria.

Reputedly the Iranian Fateh-110 rocket artillery missile en route to Hezbollah forces!

IAF warplanes not violating the airspace of Syria, able to hit their targets using stand-off weaponry the Popeye!

"Popeye is the name of a family of air-to-surface missiles developed and in use by Israel, of which several types have been developed for Israeli and export users . . . The United States operates the Popeye under a different designation according to US naming conventions as the AGM-142 Have Nap."

As reported in IsraelHayom:

"The alley-oop"

"The missile delivery that foreign reports said was destroyed on Thursday by Israel contained the Fateh-110 missile. At first it was reported that the destroyed missiles were Scud-D's. According to The New York Times, a unique bombing technique was used to take out the missiles: Israel Air Force jets did not cross into Syrian airspace, but carried out the strike from over Lebanese skies. The same technique, according to The Wall Street Journal, was used in Israel's attack on an air-defense missile delivery in Syria in January."

"This type of strike, known as a 'stand-off' or 'over-the-horizon' strike, allows the pilot to avoid flying directly over the target and exposing the plane to anti-aircraft fire or the shock waves from its own ordnance, and to drop its payload of bombs or Popeye missiles from afar"

A cruise missile also existing called Popeye with nuclear capability [?] and the type of weapon as would be fired by Israeli submarines in case of war with foreign powers whose boundaries are not contiguous to Israel?


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AGM- 142 "Have Dirt Nap"?