Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fall Gelb.

This is coolbert:

From that wiki entry for the Battle of France [1940], more evidence, that intelligence and analysis indicating a German armor attack through the Ardennes [Case Yellow], totally ignored by Gamelin, indicative of an attitude and pigheadedness to face reality, even when made manifest.

NOT ONLY British Royal Air Force [RAF] spotting the massive German armor formations in the Ardennes.

Other intelligence agencies having made clear to the French and allied forces their appreciation of the situation, the German plan of attack unorthodox PREPARATIONS OF WHICH EVEN WHEN OBSERVED AS UNHEEDED BY GAMELIN THE FRENCH GENERALISSIMO!!

1. The Belgians.

"In the winter of 1939–1940, the Belgian consul-general in Cologne had anticipated the angle of advance that Von Manstein was planning. Through intelligence reports, they deduced that German forces were concentrating along the Belgian and Luxembourg frontiers. The Belgians were convinced that the Germans would thrust through the Ardennes and to the English Channel with the aim of cutting off the Allied field armies in Belgium and north-eastern France."

2. The Swiss.

"In March 1940, Swiss intelligence detected six or seven Panzer Divisions on the German-Luxembourg-Belgian border. More motorised divisions had also been detected in the area. French intelligence were informed that the Germans were constructing pontoon bridges partially—about halfway—over the Our River on the Luxembourg-German border through aerial reconnaissance. The French military attaché in the Swiss capital—Bern—warned that the centre of the German assault would come on the Meuse at Sedan, sometime between 8 and 10 May. The report was dated 30 April. These reports had little effect on Gamelin."

Gamelin indecisive and lacking as to inspired dynamic action, unable to confront a changing situation with alacrity!

Dupuy again of the opinion that if three of those four French armies behind the Maginot Line had been deployed in time to meet the German offensive of 1940, the German would have without question stopped cold!! This of course not occurring and we all know the rest of the story.

The French too for a variety of reasons thinking DEFENSIVELY and content to leave to the German the initiative. That lack of dynamic response on the part of Gamelin most troubling.


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