Thursday, May 16, 2013


This is coolbert:

Thanks to TIME and the tip from the Jungle Trader here is an item - - sounds like something right out of a Hollywood move.

Resembles in various degrees: "The Mission" or from more recent times: "Avatar"?

"In Latin America’s Second Largest Rainforest, an Indigenous Tribe Fights for Its Land"

"Deep inside the verdant expanse of Nicaragua’s Bosawás Biosphere Reserve—the western hemisphere’s second largest rainforest—a group of Mayangna indigenous warriors wielding spears, bows, snakes and reputed magical powers are being ordered to stand down after two weeks of preparing for battle against encroaching land invaders."

"Leaders of the Mayangna Nation, the traditional guardians of the Bosawás, say they’re giving Nicaragua’s Sandinista government one last chance to oust the 'colonists'—a group of timber traffickers, gold miners, farmers, cattle ranchers and land swindlers who the Mayangnas say are devouring the forest like a swarm of locusts."

This is a case where the "white messiah" is needed? That inspired, charismatic and talented outsider, preferably a military man or someone with military experience.

Able to organize, train, plan, and lead into battle the indigenous American Indian Mayangna tribe against those that encroach and destroy that biosphere, the SECOND LARGEST RAINFOREST in the western hemisphere.

Persons, the "white messiah" from historical times such as T.E. Lawrence, Orde Wingate, Brookes Rajah of Sarawak, Homer Lea, and most recently Subcommandante' Marcos from Chiapas.

Most correctly so perhaps even a retired American Special Forces troop willing to put his various guerrilla warfare skills to practice.

Robert De Niro we need you now but in the guise of a Rodrigo Mendoza. And this is not to be so!


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