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From a BBC documentary filmed in 2005 and only now seen on American public broadcast television we have the story of the psychological profiling of Adolph Hitler.

As done by the psychiatrist Walter C. Langer and described in his secret [?] report to the American OSS entitled: "Inside The Mind Of Adolf Hitler".

And attempt to predict the future actions of Hitler, [the report issued in 1943] based upon second-hand psychoanalysis of Hitler, from afar without "direct access to the individual under examination".

The American CIA using that psychoanalysis of Hitler as a model - - the pioneering work of Langer the archetype of such analysis from that point [1943] forward!

Psychoanalysis the nature of which is disputed:

"There's a very vigorous debate among historians about the value of psychological analysis in contributing to the understanding of any historical event. The problem for many is that the psyche of any individual is only one factor in how history unfolds. Moreover, any psychoanalytic approach in the historical context is fraught with difficulty. The primary problem is that the psycho-historian has no direct access to the individual under examination. Therefore, that analysis is fundamentally compromised. It's essentially second-hand"

  "Inside the Mind of Adolf Hitler"

"filming the story of the men who put the Führer on the psychoanalyst's couch"

Langer and his contemporaries what are called Freudian psychiatrists. That form of psychoanalysis and psychiatry not so vogue now?

Here with a TV and radio review of the documentary that is somewhat acerbic: "How the Führer went potty"


* Langer did have some refugees and defectors from Nazi Germany that did provide some first-hand knowledge of Hitler and his behavior, anecdotal observations, tidbits that must have been helpful to Langer. To include Otto Strasser and Ernst Hanfstaengl! The latter in particular an active participant in the study of Hitler, Hanfstaengl to a degree a personal confidant of Hitler, in what exact manner however I just cannot say!

* Langer did correctly predict 1. Hitler going out with a "bang", a suicide AND 2. a major assassination attempt by those in opposition to Hitler!

Neither of those observations can be considered to have been rocket science? PRIOR TO VALKYRIE [JULY 1944] THERE HAD ALREADY BEEN DOZENS OF ATTEMPTS ON THE LIFE OF HITLER, SOME COMING QUITE CLOSE TO SUCCEEDING!

Read here, here, and here of those various dozens of times attempts on the life of Adolph Hitler - - so many efforts at assassination and yet so many failures even to the very end. Someone or something was riding with the Führer all the way to destiny?

[that word Führer bests translates NOT as leader but rather as the person at the steering wheel of the automobile!]


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