Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Austin & Joseph.

This is coolbert:

"Yet Kony has shown an uncanny ability to evade capture. 
That suggests he has high-level intelligence sources."

Thanks to StrategyPage we have an On Point article from Colonel Austin Bay - -  in this particular case the comments of Colonel Bay on the "hunt" for Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army [LRA].

Joseph Kony and the LRA now in the sights of the American Special Operations Command [SOC], the size of the rag-tag contingent of the LRA now only several hundred fighters, NOT the thousands as previously thought.

"Tracking Uganda's Lords Resistance Army: The Regional Context"

"Since 2003, the LRA has diminished in size, shrinking from several thousand fighters to a remnant band of some 200. Its ferocity, however, has not diminished, nor its capacity for bloodshed, nor its potential usefulness to Khartoum."

Colonel Bay suggests that Joseph and his band of murderous cut-throats act as a proxy army for the Sudanese regime in Khartoum? LRA creating instability and chaos much to the detriment of all those nations of central Africa, LRA doing the biding of others, receiving aid and intelligence, Joseph Kony forewarned and forearmed. A bad combination for those in the "hunt" for Joseph!

When Colonel Bay speaks, we all should listen. Colonel Austin Bay is a man of protean intellect, an experienced military man, highly educated, cerebral but as is fitting with his branch of service, armor, also a man of action [called to active duty and seeing service in Iraq during the recent conflict].

"Austin Bay wears several hats: Author and syndicated columnist, professor, developmental aid advocate, radio commentator, retired reserve soldier, war game designer, principal in a training simulations and technology consulting company . . . He holds the rank of Colonel (Armor), retired, in the U.S. Army Reserve"

"Bay has a PhD in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University. He is also a graduate of Rice University, the US Army Command and General Staff School, and the US Army War College"

[the American military officer corps as epitomized by Austin Bay is the BEST in the world?]

See the entire Austin Bay On Point archive at StrategyPage here. And good reading


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