Sunday, July 26, 2009


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From the web site: Russian All Round Fighting [RAF].

"The fighters of RAF school, when joining the Russian Army, always serve in the Special Forces."

"In the Russian Army athletes with RAF background served in . . . counter-diversion troops of the Strategic Missile Forces"

The web site of a uniquely Russian martial arts form, boasts - - that among those practitioners of the RAF fighting style are found persons who serve or have served in the elite special purpose units of the Russian military. Elite units to include those that guard the primary nuclear striking power of the Russian military, the Strategic Missile Forces. [until relatively recently the missile forces were called the Strategic Rocket Forces!]

"The Strategic Rocket Forces (Strategic Missile Troops) . . . are an arm of service . . . of the Russian armed forces that controls Russia's land-based ICBMs."

"Each missile regiment had 400 soldiers in security, transportation, and maintenance units above ground."

Above ground elements to include security. Security guards but providing much more than just the normal capability of a sentry. Specially trained AND SELECTED troops who can at a moments notice function and fight as conventional infantry and then some. TRAINED IN THE PARTICULARLY UNIQUE RUSSIAN FIGHTING FORM OF RAF to augment traditional infantry skills and weaponry!! TRAINED KILLERS AND NOT MERELY SECURITY GUARDS OR "POLICE" AS THE TERM IS GENERALLY, COMMONLY AND ORDINARILY UNDERSTOOD!

Specially SELECTED from the standpoint of loyalty and during the communist era [and even now] politically reliable. Can be counted on not to betray their trust and have been verified as being trustworthy through exhaustive background checks.

These "spetsnaz" troops of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces perform a mission analogous to that of the Australian Airfield Defence Guards, the British or German. Air Force Regiment[s], the French Fusiliers Commandos de l'Air, or the American Air Force Security Forces?

Guard and protect the missiles themselves, the warhead depots and storage facilities, the command and control apparatus! An elite, trained and able to employ esoteric measures [RAF] of combat if needed!

Are described as "counter-diversion troops". As envisaged by the Soviet/Russian Soviet Missile Force commanders, will parry and defeat A GROUND ATTACK BY HOSTILE FORCES HOPING TO DESTROY THE MAIN RUSSIAN STRIKING NUCLEAR POWER - - BEFORE LAUNCH - - WHILE THE MISSILES ARE STILL IN THEIR SILOS.

Attack presumably coming from American Special Forces, Rangers, Navy SEALS, British SAS, etc. Troops of the "hunter class"!

Hard core combat units fighting it out with other hard core combat units with the security of nuclear weaponry and delivery systems being at stake. Close quarter combat in many cases, using RAF on the Russian side!


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