Monday, July 6, 2009


This is coolbert:

"When strong - - appear weak. When weak - - appear strong!" - - Sun Tzu.

"All war is deceit" - - Muhammad.

Here are some interesting headlines, so much "water over the dam now", material that confirms my original suspicions were pretty much on the money, but not exactly correct as I had thought!

1. "Saddam Hussein said WMD claims were to mislead Iran"

"Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein told the FBI . . . he allowed the world to believe he had weapons of mass destruction because he worried about appearing weak to Iran, according to declassified accounts of the interviews."

"He also denounced Osama bin Laden as 'a zealot' and said he had no dealings with al-Qaida."

2. "FBI says Saddam's weapons bluff aimed at Iran "

"Saddam Hussein believed Iran was a significant threat to Iraq and left open the possibility that he had weapons of mass destruction rather than appear vulnerable, according to declassified FBI documents"

And here from my previous blog entry from way back when in 2004.

"the adversary is feeding you disinformation intended to fool and confuse you."

"Chalabi . . . his 'chief of intelligence' . . . may have been in cahoots with the Iranians and was passing on disinformation and doing so as if it was the real thing this chief had obtained from an Iraqi source."

From the unclassified portion of the FBI interrogations of Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti, we are able to learn that the Iraqi, AS OF 2003, DID NOT POSSESS WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!

The Iraqi, at the command of Saddam, had conducted an elaborate and very successful DECEPTION campaign to convince the rest of the world that the Baghdad regime DID HAVE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION [WMD]! WEAPONRY WHICH THEY DID NOT HAVE!! This would have included surely poison gas and radiological weapons, possibly biological agents, and maybe even tinkering and dabbling in atomic bomb development!!

NONE of this weaponry actually existed [??], but Saddam was successful in fooling the entire world in believing that he did have at his disposal WMD!

Saddam was primarily motivated by a desire to SCARE THE IRANIANS, NOT THE AMERICANS!!

Appear strong when he was weak!

A successful and elaborate and very deceitful disinformation campaign that backfired on Saddam! In the aftermath of 9/11, the Iraqi was seen as a threat whose possession of WMD [which he did not have], rendered his position and continued dictatorial rule as untenable.

The deception of Saddam worked TOO WELL!!


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The Neutralist said...

Our intel was too stupid to figure it out and got us into an a war that we are, in real terms, losing.