Saturday, July 11, 2009


This is coolbert:

“'your country has this system to analyze' e-mail for keywords."

Lemme' tell you bout' the story of a man named Kuok!

Red Chinese espionage once again alive and well in the U.S. Thanks here to Wired!

"Chinese Spying Claimed in Purchases of NSA Crypto Gear"

And once again - - too, the trademark characteristic signature of the Chinese intelligence services. Dealing only with their own citizens, Chinese nationals or ethnic Chinese!!

"A Chinese national was indicted this week . . . following a nearly three-year investigation into his alleged efforts to acquire sensitive military and NSA-encryption gear"

"Chi Tong Kuok, of Macau, told Defense Department and Customs investigators that he had been 'acting at the direction of officials for the People’s Republic of China,'"

This Kuok had been "tasked" to "hunt" for CRYPTO gear. Those items used to secure American communications and non-communications emitters!! This guy knew what to look for and was also very wary of American counter-intelligence as well!!

Those items of crypto secure gear [among others] that Kuok was after included:

* [the] "VDC-300 airborne data controller, used for secure satellite communications from American military aircraft"

* "a GPS receiver with anti-spoofing defenses"

* [the] "NSA-developed AN/CYZ-10 crypto key management device"

* "PRC-148 handheld digital military radios"

* "a KG-175 TACLANE — an NSA designed encryption device used to communicate with classified military computer networks, such as the Defense Department’s SIPRNet"

Three years the FBI had their sights on Kuok! Good old Kuok. A long-term in a SuperMax will do him good. Is that what they do with spies nowadays?


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